Saturday, April 2, 2011


 susan ambrosino

But what does it mean to be able to say:
You can be there, every Wednesday,
from this one on into the future of many Wednesdays,
you will continue to come and be there,
be present, and participate,
do it, and practice ?
Something else must have ended.
Wednesdays must have become suddenly
And is that a good thing
as things come and go
as Wednesdays come and go
and change ?
Very long ago it used to be that Wednesday
was a short day of school
followed by a long afternoon of catechism class.
Then Wednesday meant the week was half over
or the day to put the recycles out
or a day of no work if you worked on Saturdays
or the day to pick up your unemployment check,
the day you attended poetry class, Shakespeare, or English literature.
Most important of all, it just occurs to you,
Wednesday was the day your daughter was born.
But that was only one Wednesday.
And now Wednesday’s are free again.
You are free to be present and practice,
do it and participate,
on a Wednesday.
There still is Monday and Tuesday, and Friday and Saturday,
But now you have Wednesday back too…..
And you realize Wednesday has become your soul,
your soul, which is so often lost,
then found again, then lost again,  
only to be discovered hiding in a basement room with no windows,
many damp smells, spiders crawling around,
hoping someone finds it, perhaps on a Wednesday,
brings it a sandwich,
asks it to come upstairs for awhile, have a talk.
The soul goes upstairs, whistles to the mind and body to follow,
It tries to start over, wakes up each Wednesday, believes in itself,
believes in Wednesday again, gives itself a hug,
goes on its way
out the door

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