Saturday, January 22, 2011


 susan ambrosino

You're looking for just the right color,
once it was mustard, then chartreuse, now baby blue swirling
in a warm brown chocolate that looks like
it's just about to melt,
but anything you think someone will want to touch,
or feels like April or looks like September,
especially if it happens to be January,
a floating fabric of simmering silk reflecting the emptiness,
wrapping the emptiness, gathering it in, covering it up.
It began with the earth, the roaming, the daily roaming,
plucking berries, seeds, digging deep,
eyes constantly looking, always hungry,
yes, the hunger was so necessary,
remaining close to the earth, remaining behind,
left by the men who hunt…..there it's been said,
devising a way for permanence, importance, stacking, nesting, storage,
let's go fill the apple basket so we can eat,
shoes, high heels, low heels, the new baby doll shoe, so cute,
whoever finds the best apples gets the best meat.
You'll take that sweater in all the colors it comes in.

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