Saturday, January 22, 2011


 susan ambrosino

it could be your son out there
the son you still persist in believing
belongs to you
but doesn’t anymore.
when he was growing up
you were totally engrossed
in the delusion that you owned him.
he was totally engrossed
in who he was.
that could be him out there¾
that young man so brave
and you’re sure so scared
but ready to die in the dust for the things
older men say he must die for.
does he know
it was you that sent him there ?
does he know
it was you
who relinquished his power ?
you sent him out to the barren desert sun
and many others like him
the innocent
the young
because who among your older men
possess the cavalier arrogance
of your young ?
who among your older men
still believe they are indestructible ?

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