Sunday, January 23, 2011


 susan ambrosino

Are you required to love all your fellow earthmates ?
Must you understand every one of them,
think of them as brothers and sisters?
All those people with boot prints on their backs,
tear stains down their cheeks
runny noses, sores, sunken bellies
or simply a need to protect their failures with lies.
Can love of mankind make you a poet, a philosopher,
a sage so deeply committed to prophecy
your life turns golden as you speak
your hopelessly human habits turning to divine?
It is important to have one good face,
one good attitude you can count on for most occasions.
Any lawyer you hire can re-invent you,
can find the best way to present you.
You need to love the things you love at home,
stay indoors near a soft light,
closely watch your rooms,
know you can conjure up anyone if you think about it.
You suspect there may be dancing soon,
the dining room chairs will multiply, many more guests will be arriving,
though some may run away after ringing your doorbell laughing.

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